Graceland 2x13 “Faith 7” Recap


Spoilers Ahead

Despite the heartache the final scene in “Faith 7” brought, the fact that it was an unpredictable and tasteful plot twist made this episode one of Graceland’s strongest.

Episode Summary: One of Amber’s men interrogates Charlie because he believes she works for law enforcement. Sid frames Mike. Paige learns the truth about Lina. Carlito and Lucia learn the truth about Johnny’s cover. Jakes remains the only logical man in the house. Briggs rescues Charlie. And a member of the team loses their life …sort of. 

Analyses: This season of Graceland has done a great job of depicting the consequences of poor decisions and the pangs of deception

“The reason why we are living in this house together is because there are certain missions we can’t be expected to handle alone. Alone we come untethered. Alone we lose control. Now at some point along the way we lost sight of our purpose of what led sanctity to these walls. We don’t guard Graceland, guys. Graceland doesn’t guard us. We guard each other. And when systems are failing, that’s exactly when we need each other the most.”

What I loved most about this moment was Sunjata’s delivery of the line. It felt organic for his character to be the one monitoring the team while simultaneously shielding them. Briggs’ actions are often driven by rage and if you haven’t read my previous reviews on the matter, then I’d recommend you do so because I’ve never once condoned his actions. Although he’s most certainly not a saint, as viewers we cannot repudiate his protective nature, and the fact that he’d undoubtedly go to extreme measures to defend those he works for. As much as Briggs has his faults, there hasn’t been a speech on Graceland that’s been more accurate than the one above. Yes, they’re supposed to fight to make the world a better place, but they’re also supposed to fight for one another. And they’re supposed to do everything in their power to combine their expertise in order for situations not to spiral out of control. They’re a family. They fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day, when one’s in trouble, they’re the first to defend them. And no matter how many emotions sprinkle the air like motes of dust, they’re placed there in order to build one another up. They’re meant to bring out the best in each other. Individually they’re great, but together they’re unstoppable. And they’ve lost that bond in the midst of the all the chaos thats erupted from the sole fact that they’ve each chosen to take matters into their own hands.

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